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easy-to-use and powerful gps, vehicle and fleet management app

Meet your Cartrack App

Get everything you need to know about your vehicle or fleet, all in one app

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Cartrack app gives you the freedom and peace of mind for vehicle live GPS location that allows you to track your car at any time of the day, and share it with your team, family or friends.

Live GPS track your vehicle

Know your vehicle's accurate real-time location at any time of day, and share it with your team, family or friends so they're always updated.

Cartrack app with advanced car GPS tracking gives you detailed information where your vehicles have been, the duration and distance of every trip to help operational efficiency and vehicle security.

View vehicle trip history

Know where your vehicles have been, replay your journeys and know the duration and distance of every trip.

Cartrack app allows you to keeps your cargo, team and family safe with in-cabin cameras and helps monitor driver behaviour with our advanced video telematics cameras

Live-stream your vehicles & cargo

Ensure your team and cargo are safe without having to distract drivers using our advanced video telematics cameras.

A screenshot of the Cartrack app allows you to get push notifications when your drivers use your vehicles, enter or exit your important areas, speed or idle for extended periods to help keep your drivers, fleet vehicles safe.

Get your important alerts

Know when your drivers use your vehicles, enter or exit your geofences, speed or idle with push notifications.

Cartrack’s app gives you actionable insights that enable you to improve driving behaviour to increase safety and reduce unnecessary costs.

Boost safety with driver scorecards

Use our scorecards to understand how you can help your drivers improve their driving behaviour and increase road safety.

Cartrack app allows you to create Geofences perimeters where you define where your vehicle is supposed to go and get a push-notification when your vehicle enters or leaves these virtual parameters.

Set key areas with geofences

Create virtual boundaries on our platform and receive app alerts on-the-go when your vehicles enter or exit your areas of interest.

Cartrack app's advanced vehicle tracking technology allows you to prevent unwanted driving, which safely and effectively disables vehicle start to help protect your equipment and vehicles.

Start Prevent vehicle security

Activate Start Prevent on your app and ensure only authorised drivers can start your vehicles to keep your vehicles safe.

Cartrack allows you to log all trips as personal of business for all your compliance requirements.

Easy & compliant trip logbook

Effortlessly log all of your trips as business or personal and add descriptions to stay compliant with tax regulations or company policy.

Get your app username and password

Watch this video to learn how to get your Cartrack username and reset your password in under 2 minutes with your app. This is the fastest way you can get your login details.

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