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Fleet Management & Workforce Optimisation Training

Cartrack provides free Fleet Management training sessions for our customers. This is to equip Fleet Managers, Job Dispatchers and Administrators with the knowledge to effectively implement our solutions. Customers will be trained on the latest features, updates and enhancements to our Fleet Management Solutions. Existing customers who need refreshers can also join us for this training. 

In line with Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently conducting online trainings. If you wish to attend, please email us at customercare.uae@@cartrack.com with your preferred date and time of training.

We want your feedback

If you have been for training, we would love to hear what you enjoyed and what you would like to see more of. Please share your feedback here.

Login with your account

In this video, you will see how you can log in to your account using your credential to see all your data.

Cartrack dashboard

In this video you will see our dashboard and how you can see data on it like your driver behaviour, how many vehicles and your harsh events.

Cartrack list

You will see in this video, list of your vechiles and how to create a group and to add vechiles to this group also you will be able to see your drivers, information and how to add a new driver.

Point of interest / geofence

In this video you will see how to create a point of interest, you will choose the place and name it, you will be able also to see the point of interest you added to the map, and you will see how to create a geofence.

Delivery app

In this video we will discuss the delivery app and how you will be able to create a jobs and assigin it to the drivers.

Cartrack reports

In this video, you will be able to see your report and how you can submit reports to emails and how to download them and also scheduled them,also how to create a favorite report.

Cartrack alert and reminders

Here you will learn how to add an alert, you can choose to receive an alert by email or SMS. You will also learn how to create reminders and choose the type of reminders, such as time, distance or usage time.