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GPS track and monitor your assets and equipment

Optimise your vehicle, asset and equipment utilisation with real-time GPS and remote access to diagnostics, all from one platform.

Receive live locations and diagnostics in real-time

Know exactly where all your assets are and receive live alerts whenever any fault-code is set off, helping you attend to faults before they become a problem.

A screenshot of a real-time vehicle diagnostics software with real-time gps tracking solution
A screenshot of remote fleet management software showing maintenance due for a vehicle and hours that a vehicle can travel before the next maintenance

Establish healthy maintenance plans with ease

Our smart algorithms will alert you when your assets and machinery require servicing, helping you prevent unnecessary downtime, increase your vehicles’ lifespan and keep your projects moving.

Get more from your assets

Remotely schedule your asset equipment usage across project sites and calculate your utilisation rates so you can reallocate any underutilised assets. This also gives you a good indication if there’s a need to buy or hire more equipment.

Screenshot of Cartrack fleet management software for asset management that gives analytical data for asset utilization showing drivers and vehicles that are in use and total travel mileage and location history
A cartrack unauthorized start prevention solution for fleets due to advanced driver ID technology

Ensure your equipment is only used when authorised

Our driver ID tags ensure only authorised operators use your machinery. Create virtual parameters around your assets using our geofencing technology and get instantly alerted the moment your equipment leaves an area without your permission.

Effortless admin for your assets and machinery

Streamline your administrative processes with live visibility and have everything you need in one place.

Reliable tracking with OEM integrations

Our wireless asset trackers have a battery life of up to seven years, and our OEM integrations mean you only need one platform to get data for all your machinery.

Get powerful reports to your inbox

Know your usage hours, understand your costs and track time-on-site to improve billing, all with automated reporting.

Effortlessly stay compliant

Track engine hours, have up-to-date service logs and ensure all regulatory requirements are met with smart reminders.